Up the Creek with Amazon

Well, here I am paddling my own canoe in the book-publishing world, and somewhere along the flow of waters I find I'm up the creek with Amazon.

Amazon - I use it all the time! even though there is some guilt attached when I do, as cheap prices mean cheap wages.  

Now I find this cheap pricing affects me. Should I list my book with Amazon? Turns out if I do, they decide how much they'll pay me for it.  And having worked out their ratio, I can see that that is not a price that covers my costs.

But, heaving a sigh, I decide to continue paddling.  I'll go with Amazon. I start to fill in their online form.  On page one I make a bad decision: I say I am a Business (as I am to the Tax Man). Next thing I know, Amazon want to know how many staff do I employ?  How many hundreds of books do I sell a month? This is not where I want to be.  Zero and zero at the moment. I start back paddling: Back Back. Back Back.  No good, the page just keeps reloading, missing the page where I made the bad decision, insisting that I must be a business and that I must tell them all my businessy stuff.

I heave another sigh. Okay, I'll be a business.  I'll go and find my Unique Tax Reference.  I'll Go And Search for It, just to please you, Amazon.  I find it. I'll fill that box with my UTR numbers.  But Amazon, or whatever is Amazon, won't have it.  Nasty red rejecty 'not verified' words appear next to the numbers. 

I ask for help.  I am variously helped ('Greetings from Amazon!') by Julian, Althea and others whose writing style makes me suspicious.  I think they are robots.  The commune with each other and tell me to contact 'seller-verification'.  I contact Seller Verification.  They reply that they understand my problem, but in order to resolve it, I need to contact 'seller-verification'.   I continue on this loop for a Whole Day.

I am surely up the creek with Amazon. I decide to do without it.  I pick up my canoe and head off into the jungle of Selling the Book on my Own.  

Which is why you will not find Sebastian Shaw, Memoirs and Recollections, available on Amazon.